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Film Music

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1990 CD release of these scores from the 1960s. "One of the founders, with Babbitt, Luening and Sessions, of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Centre in 1959, Ussachevsky has maintained a flexible attitude toward sound sources, and employs recordings of live sounds, analog studio, and computer generated material. In this he always differed from the originally quite restrictive approaches of the German pure electronic and French musique concréte schools. Though prepared for films, a medium that usually imposes considerable restrictions on a composer, both these scores were innovative and have considerable power. The 'Suite from No Exit' (1962) comes from the film of Sartre's Huis Clos directed by Orson Welles, while 'Line of Apogee' (1967) is the soundtrack of Lloyd Williams' film of the same name. Its great musical interest notwithstanding, the former is the usual kind of film score in that it is a background for spoken dialogue, whereas in 'Line of Apogee' there are few spoken words and Ussachevsky's music comments more directly on Williams' extraordinary flow of strange, sometimes dreamlike visual images. In both pieces this composer's favorite musical form, that of variations on several alternating themes, is in use, and the themes do not have traditional timbral or pitch characteristics. Consider for example his use of the human voice in 'No Exit', going from the electronically modified screams of the opening scene to the voices of distant children, etc., and on to the end, where the sound of men laughing is abruptly silenced by rifle fire." -? Max Harrison, The Wire