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Idea is a music and multimedia arts label run by Lady Elaine & Tex Curry. Impelled by a love of transcendental music from all eras and exemplary modern art, the label combines the aural and visual into a stunning package. Since 2001, artists from around the globe, already renowned for their individualistic music and art, were allowed to realize their most ambitious work through the Idea imprint. Outsider electronics and shimmering guitar minimalism from Australia, primal boogie-rock from Japan, incandescent drone from rural Germany, seasonal meditations for violin and computer from Sweden, and field recordings from the UK found a conduit in Idea, and were lovingly crafted in limited edition gems that moved far beyond preconceived notions of genre and design. Idea has since released archival work from Fluxus/ONCE composer Philip Krumm, American ragas from Matt Valentine & Erika Elder, heavy minimalism from Australian Brendan Walls, as well as a compilation of contemporary electronic music from Sweden.
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