Roma, L'Altra Faccia Della Violenza / La Banda Vallanzasca


2011 release. Digitmovies releases on CD for the first time the complete and full stereo original soundtracks from two Italian police movies from the '70s: The music by Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera from the movie Roma, L'altra Faccia Della Violenza (aka "L'autre Côté De La Violence") directed in 1976 by Franco Martinelli and Giampaolo Chiti and Sergio Montori's music for La Banda Vallanzasca (aka "The Vallanzasca Gang") directed in 1977 by Mario Bianchi. In Roma, L'altra Faccia Della Violenza, the father and brother of an 18-year-old girl who had been killed during a robbery agree to cooperate with the police themselves. Escaped from the penitentiary of Regina Coeli, a robber is hired by a mysterious gang that turns him, to his own regret, into a public enemy. After having kidnapped the daughter of an oilman, he runs away with her, but the organization kills both of them. For this CD, Digitmovies with great help from Cinevox, had access to the stereo master tapes of the sessions of both the original OSTs. For Roma, L'altra Faccia Della Violenza, the prolific trio Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera has created an explosive sound of the funky genre so fashionable in those years with a range of themes for breathtaking chase scenes introduced in "Titoli" and reprised and alternated with other suspenseful, mysterious, and pensive takes and with a romantic and nostalgic love theme. For La Banda Vallanzasca, Gianpaolo Chiti and Sergio Montori have written a great funky tune for scenes of daring car chases called "Desperation And Money" which together with the folk-flavored motif "Gunvalzer" appeared on a Cinevox 45rpm single. Here we add new material: a piece in experimental vein for violin and electric guitar with rather disturbing echoes and reverberations. a modern and dancefloor theme for the character of Antonella, another dance tune in a burlesque style, and a rousing reprise of "Desperation And Money", a version with rhythms only mix. A cool CD for long-term big fans of an evergreen genre.