Delitto A Porta Romana


2013 release. Digitmovies publish for the first time on CD Franco Micalizzi's original soundtrack, in full stereo, for Delitto A Porta Romana ("Crime In Porta Romana"). Directed in 1980 by Bruno Corbucci and starring Tomas Milian, Bombolo, Olimpia Di Nardo, Nerina Montagnani, Leo Cavero, Marina Frajese, Elio Crovetto, Franco Diogene, Elisabetta Odino, Aldo Ralli, Lino Patruno, Tony Scarf, Jimmy il Fenomeno, and Massimo Vanni. A petty thief called Venticello (Bombolo) is raiding a house in Milan Porta Romana when the owner's wife and her lover arrive. Venticello is hiding under a bed, on which, as well as the embrace, the murder of the woman takes place. The unfortunate thief can see a scar on the heel of the murderer, but in following flight he is stopped and charged with murder. The marshal Nico Giraldi (Milian), a friend of the suspect and awaiting the birth of his firstborn, is called to Milan to investigate the case, temporarily leaving his wife in Rome (Di Nardo), waiting to give birth, and the deaf grandmother (Montagnani). After a series of events, including a chase in the streets of Milan, Nico is finally able to find the killer. Delitto A Porta Romana is the seventh adventure of Nico Giraldi, the character created by Mario Amendola and Bruno Corbucci and played 11 times on the screen, from 1976 to 1984, by actor Cuban Tomas Milian. Like the previous films and the subsequent, Delitto A Porta Romana is a successful mix between the detective and the Italian comedy genres. To achieve the CD under the supervision of the composer himself, Digitmovies were able to access the stereo master tapes of the original recording session. Franco Micalizzi has written a main theme in funky style that alternates with a popular motif for the protagonist that the author develops and resumes as a relentless tarantella symphonic used for wild police chases. Do not miss out on the atmosphere of mystery and suspense typical of the genre.