1-2 Weeks
Seddok L'erede Di Satana / Lycanthropus


Digitmovies publish for the first time on CD, Armando Trovajoli's complete original soundtrack for two films: Seddok L'erede Di Satana ("Atom Age Vampire"), directed in 1960 by Anton Giulio Majano, and Lycanthropus ("Werewolf In A Girls' Dormitory"). Seddok L'erede Di Satana: Abandoned by Pierre, the stripper Janette is disfigured as a result of a car accident. Professor Levin is secretly experiencing a cure through the regeneration of tissues, assisted by the faithful Monique. Janette, approached by Monique, agrees to volunteer as a guinea pig in the experiment of tissue regeneration. The operation succeeds perfectly, but Levin is bewitched by the beauty of Janette and falls in love arousing the jealousy of Monique. Meanwhile Pierre is looking for Janette who seems to have vanished into thin air. At the same time, the treatment has a setback and Levin figures that, to fix the it, you need something else: to sacrifice Monique and grope all out with nuclear energy. But things do not work and he turns into a monster. Lycanthropus: In a forest near a juvenile rehabilitation institution, the torn body of a girl is found. The official hypothesis, accepted by all, is that the girl was a victim of wolves. One of his companions found a letter addressed to the victim, in which someone without a signature, threatened her with death if she did not cease to blackmail him. The news of this letter comes to the ears of the rector of the institution, but when he, with the police inspector, goes to take the delivery, the letter is missing. From here the situation is more complicated: it turns out the man who was blackmailed by the dead, some Whiteman and it turns out that his wife, on the night of the murder, saw the murderer. Meanwhile, the girl who discovered the threatening letter is attacked in the forest by a horrible monster. The suspects are gathering more based on a strange guy, a former doctor, already engaged in a process for a case of lycanthropy. After some other horrible facts, we find out who the monster is. Armando Trovajoli has composed two fabulous comments alternating symphonic music of tension and mystery, enhanced by a charming atmosphere electronic issues lounge jazz flavour that explodes all the well-known style of the author. For Digitmovies' CD, they used the mono master tapes of the original recording session.