Conducted by Kein Hass Da

EB 103CD EB 103CD

Since their debut album Hirntrafo, the band Kein Hass Da has constantly been on tour to promote their German-lyrics version of the Bad Brains. Their new album, released under the Bad Brains In Dub moniker, celebrates the reggae and dub side of the Bad Brains and pays tribute to this important aspect of the Bad Brains' musical and cultural legacy. With official support and assistance of the Bad Brains management in the United States, Kein Hass Da, in combination with first-class dub and reggae remixers, including Bad Brains' very own Darryl Jenifer, has succeeded in creating a heavy masterpiece in 13 chapters. Drenched in echo, the sounds in this dub treatment contravene the rules of space and time. In the words of Kein Hass Da: "The truth is: We are not from this world. Our earth is not as backward as this one -- on the other hand, punk has never happened there, and Alice Cooper died in 1973. With the help of this thing we came to YOUR world, and then met the Bad Brains in the years of 1979, 1982, and 1989, to be exact. This was also our first encounter with punk -- we were really impressed! The impact on KHD was so great, that we had the idea to play the Bad Brains' songs in OUR world ... claiming WE were the BAD BRAINS!!" Features artists such as Dubvisionist, Trance Hill, Umberto Echo, and Bad Brains' own Daryl Jenifer.