Fabric 61


2011 release. Visionquest are a dynamic, charismatic and unstoppable force that have quietly crept up and grasped the horns of dance music in 2011. Comprising of Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves, four Detroit refugees who each have their solo careers in their own right, together they career through barren terrain and mystical energies in the next episode of the Fabric series. In Native American cultures, a Visionquest is a spiritual quest associated with new beginnings and revelatory journeys. Meeting as teenagers in the collapsed city of Detroit, these four young creatives embarked on their own voyage together that has brought them to the forefront of the electronic music community. Surrounded by the explosion of techno in their home city, they each connected deeply with its heartbeat. The youngest of the pack, Seth Troxler's stepfather was himself a DJ and they each began playing and promoting local events. Keen to etch their own mark as DJs and producers in the wider world, they eloped to Berlin and forged successful solo careers, before coming together again to form the Visionquest production collective responsible for crossover remixes such as Tracey Thorn's "Swimming" and Kiki's "Good Voodoo." In 2011 they formed the Visionquest label that houses a rising circle of talent such as Footprintz, Laura Jones, Tale Of Us and the biggest track of the year from Benoit & Sergio "Walk and Talk." "When deciding together which tracks we wanted to go with we took into consideration the timelessness of the songs, tracks from our past and our present and presented them to tell our story. The start is very representative of the Visionquest DJ sound and the end shows the eclectic sound of our label. It goes from music for clubs to music for life," said Shaun Reeves. Artists include: Tin Man, STL, Soul Center, Seuil, Konrad Black, Cassius, Terje Bakke, Kollektiv Turmstrasse & Florian Schirmacher, Catz 'n Dogz feat. Paul Randolph, Phreek Plus One feat. Mr. White, Loosefingers, My Favorite Robot, DVS1, Green Velvet, Aquarius Heaven feat. Dani Siciliano, Tale Of Us & Footprintz, and Wildcookie.