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"Oscar Jan Hoogland is the sound of Amsterdam in person. He plays in the Muziekgebouw (Amsterdams main hall for modern composed music) as well as in the Bimhuis (Holland's main jazz venue) that is literally attached to it, as in its parking garage. He is an instant composer, pianist and inventor of his own instrument. As the last student of the late pianist, composer and improvisor Misha Mengelberg he tears like a tornado through the Amsterdam jazz and impro scene, plays with legends like Han Bennink, organizes concerts, ad hoc theatre and performances in all holes and corners of Amsterdam. Arnold de Boer moved in the early nineties from the Frisian village called Makkum to Amsterdam to study and to be able to see a concert every night. At the local drumband and harmony orchestra Hallelujah Makkum he learned to play drums and trumpet, but once in Amsterdam he switched to guitar and started his own band Zea. The headstrong mix of jumpy indie rock, beat punk, sample pop, noise and lo-fi dub got picked up far outside the lowlands and since the release of Zea's debut album Kowtow To An Idiot Zea tours all over the world. Arnold sings in Dutch experimental/punk band The Ex and gets highly involved in organizing concert nights and festivals in Amsterdam including a monthly night at the Paradiso, called K-tsjoem, and many nights at local DIY venue OCCII, where he becomes very active and part of the collective. For the K-tsjoem night at the Paradiso Arnold invites Oscar Jan to come and play with his new band. It's the beginning of a series of invitations back and forth, between indie and impro, that still continues and that resulted in recording the album by Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland, called Summing. A hypnotic groove under a playful song next to an arabic melody on an improvised sound collage; the music is built with independent parts, all recorded in one take. The songs are percussive and move on the polyrhythms of two parallel switched turbines."