We Are Phuture (Ricardo Villalobos Phutur I-IV Remixes)


Get Physical Music's 16th year continues to serve up plenty of excellent and exciting new music with We Are Phuture, full of mesmeric remixes from the one and only Ricardo Villalobos. The source material here is the classic We Are Phuture (1988) by pioneering Chicago acid outfit, Phuture. The original is included in specially remastered form and the Chilean minimal techno hero serves up four of his own unique versions. Ricardo has been remixing for Get Physical Music for well over a decade and in 2017 his "Hauswiedermischung" version of Reboot's "Are You Loosing My Mind" was one of the standout tracks of the label's oeuvre (GPM 371EP). The original "We Are Phuture" is an abrasive and jittery house track that bristles with frazzled synths, dark-filtered vocals, acid twitches, and coarse percussion. It's one to electrify the floor, and still does plenty of damage 20 years after it first came out on Trax Records. Up first is "Phutur I Remix", which strips everything away to leave a fluttering snare line, rubber drums, and minimal synth that shapeshifts for nearly ten minutes. Add in some trademark Villalobos vocals that are alien and unsettling and you have a real classic in the making. The "Phutur II Remix" is busier, with deft drums that ride up and down and have a spoken word vocal floating up top. Alien sound designs and occult acid all join the mix later on, while "Phutur III Remix" sits somewhere in between. It's masterfully arranged so as to get deep into your brain and freak you out endlessly. Last but not least, "Phutur IV Remix" has layers of drums and toms, hits and snares, all wobbling away and pulling you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole until the acid lines come in and take things up a notch. All four of these remixes are essential tracks that prove Villalobos is still at the height of his powers, and as such they are sure to become regulars in his DJ sets throughout 2018.