Fabric Cordial

HH 11140744CD HH 11140744CD

2014 release. Bud Petal is the stage name of musician Eran Asoulin. His music has been described as 'cerebral art-folk' & 'the music Lord Byron would be making had he lived in the 21st century'. Bud is a true outsider, a freak-folk wunderkind who has been compared to Syd Barret and Daniel Johnston. But don't for a minute think him primitive or naive - Bud is worldly beyond his years and holds a PhD in both linguistics and philosophy. He was 'discovered' when his self-produced first album was pulled from the trash at a local radio station. A self-taught musician from The Levant, he spent his teenage years immersed in the bohemian/DIY art scene of Newtown, Sydney. His music collides Mediterranean '70s/'80s folk pop (Lucio Battisti, Nada Malanima, Aviv Geffen), the Middle Eastern/Arabic music of his childhood (Marcel Khalife, Oum Khaltoum), and from the west: early Joan Baez and elements of free jazz. Once you come to terms with his voice - a glorious, effortful glissading din with stuttering vibrato - lyrically you'll find an oddly surreal, socialist-utopian world with strands of Emile Zola, A. B. Yehoshua, Yaakov Shavtai, Andre Breton, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Stephen J. Gould. The making of Fabric Cordial was a two-year adventure, written in small German towns, cities of The Levant & the inner west of Sydney. It sees Bud Petal create an idiosyncratic world of sounds and stories. Folk songs dressed in screeching sax, freeform guitars, makeshift choirs, droning e-bows & Bud's ever-strained but mesmerizing voice. Deluxe CD and booklet; limited edition.