1-2 Weeks
Kompakt Total 2


2009 repress. "Total 2 is an entertaining review of the last 12 Kompakt-months featuring well-known friends as for example the 'primary rocks' The Modernist, Reinhard Voigt & Michael Mayer where nothing more needs to be said. Under his Dubstar-alias, skillful C-Rock of Lo-fi/Stir15 Recordings gives a thunderous guest performance. Nomen est Omen. Schaeben & Voss, however, who have been on board Kompakt for a long time, are in the meantime regarded as insane. Soon live at your local club. Big party fun. Dettinger again presents his kicking modern crackling techno style. His new ambient album Oasis is due to be released in a few weeks. Closer Musik are represented on this CD with their cuddle techno hit 'One, two, three (no gravity)' and at the moment, they are reaching the stars also in live gigs. On the vinyl edition, they deliver an exclusive, harder club track. Very sexy. The Teichmann Bros. came down to us from the high up North. It's worth paying attention to their label Festplatten. It moves. Proof that the Hamburg city is differently heavy. Sascha Funke has been haunting the capital for a couple of years now. His records are also released on Ellen Alien's Bpitch Control Label. He is probably the only 1st FC Cologne (our famous soccer team) fan in Berlin and holds up the Cologne flag also with his music. Lithe, lissom and elegant. A smart representative of the up-and-coming electronic music scene in Lille/France is Jonas Bering who has torn down the frontiers with his debut album Bienfait. Now, on Total 2, he is starting off with a straight new track. The latest fledgling pampered at Kompakt is a young guy called Superpitcher, a real good techno DJ and resident at Studio 672 club along with Tobias Thomas and Michael Mayer. His track 'Shadows' is one of the deeper moments on Total 2. And by the way: chilling-out is 'in' again in downtown Cologne. From the friendly associated label Traum Schallplatten, we have borrowed Philippe Cam's hymn 'Karine' (yes indeed, a hymn.). Definitely a magic moment. Yet another artist: Lawrence, of the Hamburg-based label Dial. Groovy crackling techno with pop appeal, the big sound at the moment. No one can tell exactly who Jimmi Moon is, but he also proves that ambient and pop come from the same stock, and a rather good one, we think."