Unknown Exception


Subtitled: Selected Tracks Vol. 1. This is the second CD release from Manchester's Andy Stott for the Modern Love label, since his 2005 debut, Merciless. This is the first-ever collection of some of Andy Stott's standout vinyl-only releases, remastered by Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin. Andy Stott has developed a unique sound since his debut on Modern Love -- his first demos for the label were heavily influenced by the square bass line techno variations of Claro Intelecto, a longtime friend, mentor, and eventually label-mate and collaborator. His first release, Replace featured a mixture of disciplines that took in elements of Detroit techno and Chicago house and fast found favor with the likes of Kompakt, De:Bug magazine and DJ Lawrence, who fell for Stott's intuitive, warm melodies and padded percussion. From that point on, Stott has continued to shift and adapt his sound to take in ever disparate influences, from the driving techno of Dave Clarke's Red series through to Basic Channel through to dubstep, garage and the minimalism of classic Sähkö. This chameleon-like quality has set Stott apart from his contemporaries, gaining him interest from all quarters of the electronic music scene, championed by Mary Anne Hobbs (recording two sessions for her show), and playing to increasingly large audiences (including several shows at Berghain's legendary Panorama Bar, the Sonar Festival, Bloc Weekend and countless others). His inspired shifts from traditional techno blueprints through to the bottom-heavy signatures of dubstep and the steppers arrangements of garage have also placed him at the forefront of the dubstep/techno hybrid sounds that have started to dominate the electronic music scene in 2008 alongside the likes of Martyn, Peverelist and T++. This compilation brings together selected tracks dating back to Andy Stott's debut in 2005 and reaches all the way to his most recent material in 2008. Tracks feature here from his most captivating EPs and stream through his fascination with deep, almost uncontainable bass lines and ever-inventive percussive shifts.