Color Hits


Color Hits, released in the summer of 1989, was a declaration of principles by the band Los Bichos, formed around the unique, eccentric and excessive Josetxo Ezponda (Pamplona, 1963-2013). This record represented the debut of a young man influenced by the first wave of punk, who in 1978 had started his band Tensión; an idea they developed over the years until 1987, when they found the genre and name that would fit them like a glove: Los Bichos (trans. "The Critters"). Josetxo was accompanied at all times by a legion of loyal and unique comrades, each of them with their own input. Asio, bass and vocals, was ever-present in all the Bicho-tales. Charly, lead guitar, played the role of surgeon in the weave of licks, solos and arpeggios, like Mick Ronson with Bowie. And lastly Fermín, drummer, who banged on the instrument in a manner befitting his alias. The important thing about Color Hits is that it's a totally unconditional declaration of love to icons, sounds, and aesthetics which were forgotten at the time: Bosch, Jack Vance, Wim Wenders, Dali, Tolkien, occultism, Egypt, glam-rock, blues, Latin music, Motown, black music, and noise. At the end of the '80s, some local independent labels started to release truly alternative options to the whole post-Movida Madrileña hangover. Due to that weariness of the music scene, Color Hits was embraced by a community of fans willing to get into universes born out of inspired and self-taught minds such as Josetxo's. In its purest essence, Los Bichos combine sweetness and emotion with rage and tension. And without any sort of complex, they lay down a bolero-ranchera ("Mezcalito," "Me gustaría llorar") or a delicate Temptations cover ("My Girl"). There are also nods to Captain Beefheart, with inspired and intuitive crossing of The Stooges and Bo Diddley, where they found the DNA behind all this matter. The sleeve and inner feature collages and texts painstakingly handwritten by Josetxo. A series of concerts and launch shows here and there supporting the release of the record was all the band scraped up from having an LP out. However, they managed to connect with a committed bunch of fans. This is another serious case of oblivion and injustice. But it's never too late for Los Bichos. Liner notes by Iñigo Munster. On 180 gram vinyl.