NO 012CD NO 012CD

2013 repress. New York's seminal no wave band, DNA, makes it's highly anticipated American CD debut with this definitive collection of studio and live recordings. Surviving two line-ups over a brief period of four years; this highly influential, strikingly original and extremely under-recorded band left a huge void in its wake. Formed in 1978, Brazilian-raised singer/guitarist Arto Lindsay hastily assembled an international trio of non-musicians. Robin Crutchfield played keyboard and Japan's Ikue Mori played drums. DNA played their first gig within weeks and recorded their first 7" shortly afterwards. The ear of Brian Eno was quickly caught, recording them for the infamous No New York compilation alongside James Chance, Mars, and Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. Before No New York was released, Robin left the band after a total tenure of nine months. Bassist Tim Wright had just left Pere Ubu, relocated to NY and quickly joined DNA. With a new face, a new instrument, and a new sound, DNA recorded their classic 9-minute EP A Taste Of DNA. DNA toured the States and Europe, bringing their explosive live show to a wider audience. DNA only released 12 songs during its lifetime, and another 3 shortly afterwards on a European compilation. Their impact was far and wide-reaching. Many musicians have sited DNA as a main influence including Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and the band Blonde Redhead, who appropriated their name from a DNA song title. This CD compiles all of the studio and many choice live recordings. Of particular interest are the original line-up's "early versions" of "Detached," "5:30" and "Low" (which is closely related to "A New Low"). The unreleased studio tracks "Grapefruit," "Police Chase" and "Young Teenagers Talk Sex" are heard here for the first time, as well as live versions of the unreleased songs "Nearing" and "Surrender." Exclusive liner notes from Byron Coley, Jason Gross and Glenn O'Brien pack the 16-page booklet alongside many unseen photos and flyers.