Silver Box


Marco Corbelli's artistic journey began in the early '90s. Under the pseudonym of Marco Rotula, he started to release a series of fanzines in A5 format. The first was The Pleasure Agony, followed by Sick and Murders. The aesthetics of these first fanzines were very sophisticated and the content deals with topics that will follow Marco Corbelli throughout his artistic career: sadism, schizophrenia, insanity, murder, psychosis, necrophilia, diseases, and most importantly death. In 1993, heavily influenced by his obsessions, Marco Corbelli began his musical activities creating the Slaughter Productions label and the Atrax Morgue project. Atrax Morgue released his first tape In search of death which will be followed by a series of amazing cassettes in the following years. Tape after tape, with the help of an analog synthesizer Sequential Circuits Six-Trak, a microphone connected with a Yamaha multi-effect, tape decks and a mixer, Marco Corbelli blows up emotions and delusions, cutting out the hard way inspired portraits of phobias and deviation. The main manifesto of Atrax Morgue is the analysis of the death, his perfection and complete habituation: injections of death to continue to live. The putrescence is palpable, and one could almost smell and taste the miasma of decay that pervades the entire box. Anxiety, alienation, and hypochondria turn into a deep paranoia in pain. The psychopathological sound is white, painful and horrific; creates a mental alteration that initiates brutal operation of psychic surgery, neuroses, and split personality. Crosses terrifying rooms lit by neon lights, corridors filled with gruesome tools, machines of blood and bits of human tissue floating in jars of formalin. The hum of the synth, the roar of noise and fights razor are often repeated loops, where each track has a compact structure, following the main theme (of death). Urashima presents an astonishing silver wooden box with nine CDs that include reissues of twenty terrific titles from his legendary discography. Includes A4 size foldable with original 1998 Slaughter Productions mailorder catalog cover; edition of 184.

Includes Necro-sintesi (1993), Necrophiliac Experience (1994), Basic Autopsy Procedure (1995), New York Ripper (1994), Black Slaughter (1993), Lesion 22 (1996), Spasmosynthetics (1997), Cut My Throat (1996), Homicidal Texture (1995), In Search Of Death (1993), Exterminate (1995), Esthetik Of A Corpse (1995), Catch My Agony (1995), Collection In Formaldeide (1994), Mechanic Asphyxia (1997), Death-Orgasm Connector (2003), Sweetly (1996), Woundfucker (1994), Homicidal (1997), and An Expression Of Psychic Masochism (1995).