Il Vostro Super Agente Flit


2015 release. Digitmovies present a reissue of the original soundtrack of Il Vostro Super Agente Flit (1966) by Bruno Canfora. Canfora (Milan, 1924) was one of the most noted and expert television orchestra conductors. He often worked with the director Antonello Falqui. He also composed many soundtracks including the presnen one, a parody of the film Our Man Flint (1966) starring James Coburn -- who also starred in In Like Flint (1967) -- to music by Jerry Goldsmith. Canfora composed the brilliant main score "Miliardunesimo" with a shake rhythm and a female voice, heard in the opening titles. It is then repeated in instrumental versions with a rock beat arrangement. There is also no shortage of action music, a romantic love theme, and cocktail bar background music. For this release, the complete OST is included for the first time ever; the mono master tapes from the original recording session were used and a rare full stereo mix of the song is included, perhaps originally intended for a record. Directed in 1967 by Mariano Laurenti, Il Vostro Super Agente Flit starred Raimondo Vianello, Raffaella CarrĂ , Alfredo Marchetti, Teodoro Agrimi, Giorgio Bonora, Giuseppe Castellano, Anna Creedon, Ursula Janis, Franco Morici, Fajda Nichols, Lilia Neyung, Fernando Sancho, Alfred Thomas, Pamela Tudor, and Kitty Swan. Strange episodes happening during important diplomatic meetings worldwide threaten peace on earth. Heads of state, ambassadors and consuls mock each other for no apparent reason, as if they were in the grip of madness. In order to resolve this delicate situation, the head of N.A.T.O., Hayes, summons Flit, famous around the world for his exploits. Flit discovers that the diplomats' strange behavior is being caused by extraterrestrials who have hypnotized them. The aliens have had to leave their planet and come to earth where they try to instill terror in the world powers in order to start a nuclear world war which would lead to the self-destruction of the human race and make it possible for the aliens to invade the earth (for ethical reasons they are not allowed to kill humans directly). Flit, along with Aura -- a young converted alien who falls in love with Flit -- end up saving the world and render the other aliens harmless.