Yew Records announces the release of Eggshell a limited-edition CD by Alabama-based multidisciplinary artist, Kyle Eyre Clyd. The recordings expanded through feeling and form offering tensions that resonate in a high frequency range. Space is dramatic not letting go, pulling the listener in, the body as a resonator a total resonator. Observations to follow here, Kyle Kessler writes in her own words: "Eggshell is hard to swallow. It's not an invitation to let go, it's an occasion to eavesdrop, to oggle with the ears, and to forget music beyond the hour. This album was recorded and mastered between attacks of physical and mental anguish. Unfolding neither optimistically nor pessimistically, it establishes a logic of its own, borrowing a bit from healing music but presenting no cure. Discordant drones hang in the air with numb aftertaste. A little beauty provides temporary relief. Infinity is delivered via the physical (chronic.) Following the isolation of subjective pain, an interest in the empirical conditions of the world returned to me in tiny increments. For the best sonic experience, play it loudly in the open air. Your patience will be rewarded."

"According to, an eggshell finish has an extremely subtle shine, though lacking the smoothness of a satin finish does not highlight imperfections quite as much, covering well with a single coat. This, in terms of house paint, can be functionally desirable, and may be helpful in apprehending the functionality of Eggshell, the latest sound work by Birmingham, Alabama-based availablist Kyle Eyre Clyd. The CD, comprised of eight largely wordless tracks (the eavesdrop-layer of album centerpiece 'Affect/Language' being the only exception), articulates a kind of sustained sheen throughout, and while sibilant in terms of sheer hertz and fluttering at times at the higher thresholds of distinction, has a cumulative effect is that is one of subtle enclosure. As in her past work, the suspended stirrings of some empirical drama hovers within these tracks and in how they relate to each other in sequence, yielding not clandestine works nor an easily discernible whole, but rather a perception of relations. If an aesthetics of drone pervades then we are here in the province of Guy Reibel, Intersystems, A Handful of Dust, or even the first and final sections of Xenakis' La Légende d'Eer. Either way, practitioners abide, and with Eggshell, Ms. Clyd reveals a functional surface of sound which articulates the holism of experiential listening and creation." --Keith Connolly, NYC 2019.