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Una Altra Excepcio


In the collective unconscious there is a very specific aesthetic associated with keyboard and drum records: a certain sound, specific rhythms... This album, full of winks and exceptions, aims to get away from these stereotypes and gathers a compilation of varied songs both by gender and sound. Its nexus are the two used tools: keyboard and drums, both manufactured in Barcelona about 40 or 50 years ago, with the problems and limitations that this implies. The challenge has been to make a keyboard and drum record, opening the possibilities of these instruments, away from the inertia and the vices that have accumulated for years, to get some fresh and update songs. All this, with the exceptions that are needed. Committed to taking advantage of the resources, because we have ruined the planet, and uncomfortable with the constant and unnecessary spoiling that continues happening to sustain an absurd pace of life, Corcs Drum & Organ takes chances recovering an obsolete and despised technology to demonstrate that aging is subjective. Everything can be repaired. The problem is, if the price of the repair exceeds that of the workforce of semi-enslaved people, making a new one on the other side of the world. If there is a skill reserved for a privileged few, that's the ability to grow the songs hit by hit and beat by beat. Follower of great drummers like Nate Smith, Ringo Starr, John Bonham, and Brian Blade; Oriol Casas applies his techno producer knowledge, to his more than 20 years playing drums with renowned musicians, to connect the emotions of the public with the emotions of the musicians who play with him. Apart from rejecting digital technology, Joan Sobrevals is a keyboardist who drinks from the sound of the records and the music of Booker T, Barbara Dennerlein, Jimmy Smith, Jackie Mittoo... From his feet, some funk basses come out, without virtuoso pretensions and from his hands, a collection of rhythms and melodies that you don't know very well if they sound familiar or not. It seems incredible that two boys, with their hands and feet, are able, with two instruments from the late '70s, to make such powerful music and danceable concerts, as interesting to see and feel for those who still resist to get up of the chair.