RR 058CD RR 058CD

New, official reissue (previous version on BGO is long gone). Like their COB reissue, this is a stepped up quality remaster from Radioactive. Originally issued by Harvest in 1969, this is one of the definite debut folk albums of all time. "As the 1960s progressed, almost every musical genre was affected by the psychedelic boom -- and folk was no exception. Artists such as Bert Jansch, Davy Graham and Donovan had introduced elements of world music into their repertoires by 1965, and in 1966 the Incredible String Band's debut kicked the door wide open for a generation of young musicians to follow. Forest, whose two Harvest albums have long elated listeners and eluded collectors, featured prominently among them, and have become synonymous with so-called 'acid folk', inspiring -- alongside Vashti Bunyan, COB and a handful of others -- the current wave of successful underground folk acts. Originally called The Foresters Of Walesby the band abbreviated their name to Forest and were fortunate enough to meet John Peel at a local gig and he encouraged them to play in London. After a triumphant gig in Notting Hill's All Saints Hall at Christmastime 1968, Forest were offered a management deal with Blackhill Enterprises, home to amongst others, Pink Floyd and Roy Harper. It wasn't long before offers of record contracts came their way and the band eventually signed to EMI's nascent Harvest label. This, their debut album was recorded at Abbey Road early in 1969 and featured completely original material, with their strangely-sculptured melodies and partially improvised accompaniment. The playing is often inspired and the album's recording quality excellent. Mastered at Abbey Road by NickWebb from the original analogue tapes. Featuring full participation from founding band member Martin Welham."