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Philip Glass Solo

OMM 8008LP OMM 8008LP

"Philip Glass will share a new album, Philip Glass Solo, via Orange Mountain Music. The collection is an intimate portrait of the renowned pianist at 84, as he takes a new look at some of his most enduring and beloved piano works. Philip Glass Solo was recorded at a time when the world was undergoing a major shift -- for Glass, that shift manifested in going from a busy tour and premiere schedule to time spent at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Glass dedicated this time to revisiting some of his most critically acclaimed piano music, taking to them with a new view in his home studio in New York. It is his most personal record to date, offering a snapshot of his life, and a portrait of daily practice over eight decades through several cherished works. Philip Glass Solo will feature 'Opening,' originally written for the 1982 album Glassworks, which remains one of Glass' most transfixing pieces and established a sound that quickly became a calling card, 'Metamorphosis' I, II, III, and V, the series of music Glass arranged for his first solo piano concerts in the 1980s; one of his most beloved pieces and longest performances on record, 'Mad Rush,' which he composed as an organ piece in 1978 when the Dalai Lama made his first public address in New York; and a reworked version of 'Truman Sleeps' from the soundtrack of the beloved '90s film The Truman Show, where Glass appeared on screen performing the piano in one of the pivotal scenes of the film. His changes speak to the heart of all artists' evolution of both themselves, and their music, over time. 180gram, tip-on jacket, limited edition of 2000."