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H.P. Lovecraft II

ASH 3008CD ASH 3008CD

Having relocated to Marin County in Northern California in the spring of 1968, H.P. Lovecraft's second, and it must be said, superior album, appeared later that same year. Clearly most of the band members (with the exception of Jerry MacGeorge who returned to the band's native city of Chicago to be replaced by former Hezekiah alumnus, Jeff Boyan, who was not only a fine bass player, but who also contributed a distinctive vocal style along with George Edwards and Dave Michaels) thrived in their new location, and the Lovecraft became frequent attractions in nearby San Francisco, playing alongside some of the top Bay Area psych bands of the time. Moving south to L.A. later that year, the band recorded their second eponymous album that contained some fine moments of pure artistry. The sleepiness of tracks like "Spin, Spin, Spin," "Mobius Trip" and "Electrallentando" was reminiscent of It's A Beautiful Day's first album, and their fine version of "High Flying Bird" and "At The Mountains Of Madness" captured the band's outstanding vocal style, very much the hallmark of their first album, to perfection. H.P. Lovecraft II was reputedly the first major label album (both records were originally released on the Philips label) where all those involved in the recording were actually high on acid! The band effectively dissolved after this superb effort, and although various former band members tried to regroup on several occasions, it is by H.P. Lovecraft II and its predecessor, H.P. Lovecraft, that the band will be remembered. Housed in a numbered, limited edition of 1000 copies in a unique card wallet.