Gleich Scheuen Hirschen In Wäldern Versteckt zu Laben

SLIK 2001 SLIK 2001

The title translates as: To live in forests like timid deer. A project by Jörg Schlick (released simultaneous to Diese Wildnis Hat Kultur on A-Musik). "Arranged in 3.2 billion pairs, the four bases adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G) make up the human genetic information stored in chromosomes. These genetic combinations are the starting point of an extensive artistic concept that transposes art into the rules of biology. Four views of a found (everyday) object are recorded in photographs, each assigned to one base and serialised according to the sequence of bases (e.g. AATCTG...) only recently researched by scientists art submits to the laws of the living world of nature. In order to be able to transpose the 3.2 billion base pairs into forms of artistic representation, Jörg Schlick has decided to live for another 10,000 years... This conceptual approach also characterises a musical production by Jörg Schlick. The four tones C, D, G, and A are assigned to the bases Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. Schlick generates electronic music on the basis of the given pattern. The given sequences of notes of the four-tone series form the basis for the musical fashioning of the work with regard to change of rhythm, tone colouring, etc. Schönberg believed his artistic work to be guided by the laws of nature, without ever being able to fully comprehend or formulate them. Almost a century later, this assumption is corroborated in the production process dictated by biotechnology. The technical processes also allow a 'co-operation' with artists such as Andy Warhol and Glenn Gould. The voices of the American pop star and the pianist are filtered out of historical recordings and incorporated into the production as a vocal sampler in combination with Jörg Schlick's vocal music. The CD is produced in collaboration with the Cologne musician Justus Köhncke."