The Kühn Brothers & The Mad Rockers


"Experienced jazz avant gardists Joachim and Rolf Kühn joined forces with Volker Kriegel, Gunter Lenz and Stu Martin to release this superb mixture of Krautrock, psych, funk and free jazz. With all kind of sound effects coming from distorted clarinets, Hammond organ, groovy bass/drums section, breaks and hot guitar licks The Mad Rockers paved the way for many Krautrockers to follow. Reissued in vinyl for the first time since its 1969 debut on the Metronome label, this is a basic record to showcase the rich mixture of different styles that would make the '70s German music scene so unique and appealing. The Kühn Brothers, Rolf and Joachim, were at first reluctant to the reissue of this amazing LP. They are highly trained musicians with a huge experience and a big sense of innovation and they felt they have many works which are much better than this one, which undoubtedly they do have since they started being really young and are still at it nowadays, but here at Wah Wah we do feel The Mad Rockers album is a landmark in krautrock story, since it anticipates the path that would be travelled by so many legendary krautsters of the seventies. Everything is there, the adventurous mixture of styles so diverse as psychedelic rock, jazz, funk... You name it, you find it. Plenty of excellent breaks, experimental in the quest for new sounds, with instruments run through distortion effects, the musicians involved are all key figures in the development of modern European of its era. You have Volker Kriegel, who besides his own solo recordings shall also be remembered for his great contributions to Dave Pike Set's classic albums or his work with Klaus Doldinger. There is Stu Martin, drummer also on other interesting projects like The Free Pop Experimental Concept also reissued on Wah Wah. Plus Günter Lenz on bass, jazz master who has worked among others with names like Krzysztof Komeda, Lighting Hopkins, Chet Baker, Coleman Hawkins or Olivier Nelson, and he has even done orchestral arrangements for Plácido Domingo! Jazz meets rock, funk and psych, absolutely amazing groovy LP! With 1 song compiled on Andy Votel's Music To Watch Girls By, the rest of the LP is equally good!" Gatefold sleeve.