3-4 Weeks
Le porte del domani


"More than ten years ago, in 2002, La Maschera di Cera released their first album, a record with an evident homage to the classic Italian progressive rock of the '70s, always taking care of the songwriting, managing the difficult task of creating something that has its roots in the past but is personal, inventive, and passionate at the same time. Here lies the originality of the MDC-sound. After a decade, four successful albums, and concerts played all around the globe, La Maschera di Cera close the circle proposing an album that is the sum of all the Italian prog homage matter. The band has in fact decided to write the continuation of the Felona and Sorona concept (Le Orme, 1973), a record that is unanimously considered a masterpiece, as well as a milestone in the world progressive rock scene. What pushed the group to dive into an adventure that offers great satisfaction on one hand, but can also be rugged and full of unexpected surprises and criticism on the other, is simply the desire to get involved, to try to do what no one has never done before, to actualize a discourse that began forty years ago and still offers artistic ideas to think about. The original concept is in fact a universal story of diversity and inequality that stays -- perhaps on purpose? -- unresolved at the end of the LP, thus leaving space for an inspired continuation and conclusion, clearly filtered through MDC's point of view. Musically, the band deepen their relationship with vintage sounds, but bring everything to a more actualized dimension, while lyrically the concept addresses the struggle between the two planets, one light and one dark; a fight that will only be resolved by two lovers from the two different worlds and by the otherworldly intervention of the deity that protects them. Le porte del domani ('The Doors of Tomorrow') contains a 45-minute suite in nine parts and is released by AMS Records. The cover artwork has been made by Lanfranco, the same author of the original Felona and Sorona painting and who kindly gave the band the permission to use his 1968 opus 'Gli amanti del sogno' ('The Dream's Lovers')." Gatefold sleeve.