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Piano music performed by Christian Naujoks, as both artist and composer. Plus a track of ultra-modern techno music in the guise of Physical Therapy's phantastic "Softcore Mix." Naujoks: "Did you know that Michael Nyman actually invented the term 'minimalism' in the late 1960s? I think that is amazing. I love his film scores a lot, especially the one he composed for the Michael Winterbottom film Wonderland. I watched it on television sometime in the early '00s, at night when visiting my family (they live in the countryside in northern Germany, so there's nothing else to do). I was deeply touched by the music and it simultaneously sounded so easy to play that it made me think: I could learn that! So I ordered the sheet music and practiced it on my Yamaha virtual analog synthesizer keyboard. . . . So here is my very sincere Nyman interpretation for you. 'Unsung' is another favorite of mine. I once went to a Helmet concert in the Markthalle in Hamburg, and it was one of the loudest experiences I ever had. I played this cover version during the soundcheck of my first official Christian Naujoks concert, and Dirk von Lowtzow -- of the band Phantom/Ghost, whom I was about to 'support' that night -- came to me and said he liked it. Since Martin Hossbach and I originally conceived this release as a 'Christmas cassette,' I thought it would be nice to contribute these kind of long-time Christian Naujoks classics -- although I didn't write them by myself, but have been performing them live since almost 10 years. At one point, Martin came up with the idea to also include a remix by Physical Therapy on the cassette. So, as it's really tricky in terms of copyrights to have cover versions remixed, I composed a truly original Christian Naujoks piano piece to be transformed by Dan Fisher. I wrote some chord patterns and imagined them to be really dancey when combined with a ravey '90s-style techno beat. My impression is that Daniel and I are completely on the same page here, and he did a really great job! I can't wait for DJs to play it in the clubs."