Formed Verse

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Neina is a unit produced and assembled by Hosomi Sakana, a keyboard player and producer active in Japan's music scene. The unit is comprised of an unrestricted and irregular lineup. Neina is the word for 'song' in Ainu, the language of the indigenous people of Japan. After graduating from the conservatory, Hosomi commenced his career in 1984 as a professional keyboardist for a variety of artists and bands. Before long his talents as a programmer, arranger, and producer came to the attention of many; and the number of artists with whom he has collaborated since, in performance and recording, has exceeded one hundred, the number of records he participated in easily over two hundred. Alongside accomplishing a busy schedule of support work, he has continued tirelessly in pursuit of the challenge of his own mode of expression, mainly in his own studio. Meanwhile as an arranger, continuing to work with ever-increasing variety of musical instruments utilizing digital technology has led him to new methods of working. The vast information contained within the digital world and the often, almost organic logic within it, as well as the image it holds of chaotic and limitless possibility, grew to fascinate him. Eventually, all this came into being in the shape of Neina. Techno, drum 'n' bass, noise, ambient, all the music of recent years, and its rapid progress and proliferation, has brought an anticipation for the emergence of the next, new music, for both the enthusiast of the floor and the contemplative in the living room. Neina brings a new musicality into digital weirdness, one step further than projects like Oval and Microstoria. Neina also involves new processes of production, distribution, and reception."