1-2 Weeks
Burning Decay

AI 031LP AI 031LP

"Burning Decay marks the culmination of a 30-year musical journey for Emile Facey. Combining deep, emotional, melodic textures and voices with razor sharp analogue drum sounds, it brings together a wealth of ideas and influences. Music is, after all, in his blood. His great-grandfather was part of a long line of passionate and professional musicians who played clarinet as part of the Royal Philharmonic and the newly formed London Symphony Orchestra in the early to mid 1900's, performing under many great composers including Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Strauss. Emile was starting to study classical music and was hoping to follow a similar path until 1984 when he heard Kraftwerk's Tour de France for the first time. His training in classical clarinet and piano was quickly replaced by hours spent programming music in BASIC on his brand new Sinclair Spectrum and spinning about on bits of lino to the Street Sounds Electro compilations. Following this revelation, Emile spent the next twenty-five years feeding a passion for music of many types from Detroit techno and hip-hop to metal and classical, all of which combine to create his own unique sound. In the early '90s he started DJing and quickly caught the hardware bug, buying his first drum machines and synths and writing his own material under the name Plant 43. In 2000, he co-founded London-based collective Bleep43, which has become renowned for its exceptional techno and electro line-ups at Corsica Studios in London. Since2002, he has played alongside such legends as Convextion, DJ Stingray, Omar S, Surgeon, Donato Dozzy, Legowelt, Scape One and Rob Euroh, as well as performing live in Athens, Riga, Turin and at the BLOC festival. Since releasing the highly renowned Grey Sky Cracks EP on Ai Records in 2007, Emile has been steadily building an impressive discography."