1-2 Weeks
Elektion Propaganda


"A 2xLP, 13 track assault, sonic resistance by Eddie Gale, Eddie Kendricks, Pharoah Sanders and more. This LP was compiled by 'slow to speak' the night before Bush was re-elekted -- the eve of returned darkness. Extremely LIMITED! As the fallout dust of betrayal settles, the disillusionment holding grip over our world has only multiplied more aggressively, maliciously, hopelessly -- particularly in this morbid haven of empire that we call the good old U.S. of A. Without learning curve or memory, downtrodden masses of confused, aimless, futureless whores of persuasion stand and stare at the terrifying beast of their own creation -- dumb, mute & blind as ever before -- only now robbed of that warm glow of 'hope' that once promised to resurrect their dignity with the magical wave of the wand & the miraculous words 'yes we can.' Of course, the real veterans of this comedic farce have known the secret all too long, keeping it close from the very moment they wake to their tired hour of sleep, only too unsurprised at the social purgatory lingering over our heads as we past the first decade of our blessed new millennia. Their simple recognition of the most obvious yet seldom accounted for realities is the last vestige of sanity that ties our tattered & tired existences together into some semblance of meaning. It is these few who look on calmly as the mass hysteria of pseudo social-democratic (in)action takes hold of any formerly free-minded individuals left in this world, and it is these warriors of sight & truth that heard the hallow cries of reform and answered in no uncertain times, 'We are not fooled.' 'In a world that really is topsy-turvy, truth is a moment of falsehood.' Now that the steady decay of commodity society passed off as 'change' is beginning to show itself for what it always was, the articulations of these stoics of resistance are all the more necessary and vital. Indeed, the very act of recognition and verbalization is the most radical gesture in itself---perhaps the last of our time. Along the wall of distortion, lies & generalized falsehood runs the parallel narrative of reality, a story seeped in agony, heartbreak & loss---the difference is that this story is true, the former a fairytale, a pipe dream rooted in appearance and nothing more. Tragically, truth fades fast while the lies of the old world linger like the smell of death, making the imperative to chronicle the few instances in our political, social & artistic history when total refusal showed itself openly & defiantly all the more imperative. Proud to cast themselves out of the circle of favor to utter but a few words against the beast that wants only to cover these words with the comforting warmth of its own justification, these scarce warriors resolve to walk the shining path of righteousness and say what we all secretly know but can't bare admit. This is our collective retribution, our last act of defiance to an absolute and all-encompassing tyranny that threatens to end our very existences if our present course is maintained. Even if we fail to quell this storm, in our dying hour we must at least remember that there were once many, then fewer, but always some that articulated and resolved to overthrow what plagued them incessantly, without concern for status, acceptance or personal benefit. These are the only heroes our time will ever know." Revolutionary gatefold jacket in heavy PVC sleeves, with printed inner sleeves and Japanese obi.