1-2 Weeks

TL 14013HLP TL 14013HLP

Grey area exact repro of this killer raw hard rock LP originally released on the infamous tax-scam label Tiger Lily in 1974. Previously issued in the early '90s on a bootleg LP and later in truncated/altered form by Akarma. 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing, this is so far the definitive edition and it's a must in the '70s excess heavy guitar jamming canon. "This impossibly rare album (only a handful of known copies) ranks among the top few hard rock albums of all. Punky, snotty vocals, loud guitars, powerful riffs, relentless organ and drums, tight, short songs without any wank factor... this has it all, along with an amazing amount of energy that keeps it from dragging the way the heaviest rock tends to. It really doesn't sound like anything else, and I imagine it would appeal just as much to punk fans as it would to blues-rock or heavy metal fans. The album is brief, with only eight short songs, and it goes by in such a breathless rush that you'll be begging for more. The key moment of this album to me is when they appear to be heading towards that album's first clichéd misstep -- a drum solo. Yet after a few seconds, the rest of the instruments come crashing back in unexpectedly, so much so that you can hear if fifty times and still not anticipate exactly when they'll return. There's genius here, and the funny thing is that I suspect it's entirely unintentional. Who were these guys and why didn't they record again? The thought that this album could have been lost to the world if those scant few copies hadn't ended up in the hands of knowledgeable collectors/dealers is tantalizing. If what may be the greatest hard rock album almost had such a fate, is it possible that the greatest album in some other genre is still lost somewhere in a warehouse, its creators unaware (as all Tiger Lily artists were) that their music had even been put on plastic at all?" --Acid Archives.