1-2 Weeks
Trees Speak

CNTS 001-2LP CNTS 001-2LP

Trees Speak is an experimental rock band that transcend mainstream influences by incorporating elements of avant-garde, neo-psychedelic, minimalism, art, and electronic -- along with violin-bowed guitar, Theremin, and a glut of effects pedals, and it's an ear-bending rush of lush soundscape. Trees Speak -- as much a sound laboratory as a rock and roll band -- is the musical venture of acclaimed visual artist musician Daniel Martin Diaz (formerly of Blind Divine and Crystal Radio). For the debut double-LP, Trees Speak is joined by Michael Glidewell (Black Sun Ensemble), Gabriel Sullivan (XIXA, Giant Sand), Connor Gallaher (Myrrors, Cobra Family Picnic), Damian Diaz (Human Error), and Julius Schlosburg (Jeron White Acoustic Trio). The studio itself should also take top billing, because in the tradition of krautrockers Can and Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis (1970), the band takes its winding, incandescent motoric rock and roll improvisations and edits them into coherent compositions using the mixing desk after recording. And that's where the sound lab half of the equation appears. The end result is flowing and droning ambient proto-punk reminiscent of fellow travelers NEU!, Stereolab, , and Cluster -- translucent jams for a virtual autobahn. Trees Speak on the album: "Our intention is to create music with an unrehearsed minimalist approach performing simple beats, riffs, and sequences that take one inward. We attempt create a sonic environment to set one's mind free and to become aware of the nuances of tone, melody, and structure. We organize our recording equipment with the same approach, in a transparent manner. Our recorded performances are never rehearsed. Our belief is that a brilliant rehearsal is a lost opportunity to capture a magical moment. We are chasing the mystery of music and tone. We let the musical performance sculpt its own destiny and create imperfect perfection. Our tool of creation is the anxiety one feels when they are unrehearsed or prepared for a performance. We believe this approach brings us closer to the authentic self. The result is genuine music without an agenda that captures the unfiltered spirit." Recorded live in one room with no overdubs or repairs, only using edits to create arrangements. All tracks were written over a five-day period at Sacred Machine Studio and Dust & Stone Studio. Mastered by LOUD (United Kingdom). Clear vinyl; Includes 12" double-sided print, 5x5" postcards, and two stickers. Edition of 250.