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Los Angeles Free Music Society 1974-1983
13LP BOX/7"


Los Angeles Free Music Society 1974-1984 is the third big box collection of the work of the Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS). This box focuses on early solo and compilation cassette releases and singles that were produced in very small quantities issued now on vinyl for the first time. All tracks have been remastered from the best original sources for the greatest sound fidelity possible. There's also a double album of deep archive material that has never been released in any format. A total of 13 LPs, one 7", complete, full-size recreations of the six volumes of the LAFMS magazine publication Light Bulb, a 56-page book of rare photos, graphics and notes, plus a t-shirt and a pair of 3D glasses for special feature graphics. All delivered in a black wooden box. Produced, art directed and designed by Tom Recchion.

Features Chip Chapman, Seldom Melodic Ensemble, Dennis Duck, Cal Tech Glee Club, Rick Potts, Daniel Weiss, Fredrik Nilsen, Le Forte Four, Smegma with Waterwoman Amy DeWolfe, Foon, Patients with Jay Stein, Chip Chapman, Rick Potts, Dan Weiss, Joe Potts / Vetza, Doo-Dooettes with Tom Recchion and Dennis Duck, Dr. Id, Ace=1, The Child Molesters, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Half Japanese, The Spudbud, C. Ritz, BDR Ensemble Submitted By Tom Recchion, Mr. Foon, Mark Watt, Tom Recchion, Joe Potts, Slimy Adenoid and The Pablums, The Pablums, Airway, Dinosaurs With Horns, Jad and Tom, Friendship Pagoda, Tom Recchion And The Friends Of Leslie, Monique, Jad Fair, Doug Snyder, Creatures' Lives, Smegma, Peepland, Lunchmen, John Duncan, International Language, Duba/Sansome, 30 Windswept Dimes, Decayes, 45 Grave, ½ Bodied Baby, Human Hands, Neef, Glo-Bin Tree Flip, Bachelors Even, Bridge, Fragile Hats, Jes Grew, Bpeople, Phranc, Asmus Tietchens, Them Rhythm Ants, Tiny Holes, Random Samples, Flap, Ø Tela Conversion, Meat Puppets, Doo-Dooettes, Pep Lester, Cameron Hands Penis Envy, Brent Wilcox, Planet Z, Arrow Book Club, Bruce Licher, Rick Potts And The Riddle Orchestra, Tribal Fops, Bill Noland, Foundation Boo, Pat Delaney, Dennis Duck, Joseph T. Jacobs, Kevin Laffey, Tom Recchion, Fredrik Nilsen, Joseph T. Jacobs, Kevin Laffey, Rick Potts, Fredrik Nilsen - Zanoni Bill Noland and Kate Duba-Noland, Rick Potts and Fredrik Nilsen, Jack Palance, Kevin Laffey, Harold Schroeder, Dennis Duck, Juan Gomez, Tom Recchion, Jad Fair & Tom Recchion w/ Kevin Laffey, Fredrik Nilsen, Blue Myth & The Gibson Brothers, Alterations, Holger Hiller and Fredrik Nilsen, Rick Potts and Fredrik Nilsen, The Two Who Do Duets, LAFMS, LAFMS Marching Band, Ford, Rioux & Duck, Gomez, Wiley, Cutler, Clark, R & F, Fred and Tom, Hal, Duce, Fredrik, Juan, Dennis, Tom & Dennis, The Monique Experience, El Trio Primero, and Gerald Bole.