New Town

AI 005CD AI 005CD

"In the space of the last 12 months, Ai has become one of the most talked-about, relevant and collectable of independent labels anywhere in the world today. With an audio-visual aesthetic heavily rooted in originality and an appreciation of classic electronic music and design in all its forms; followers of Warp, Skam, Toytronic and the like have been scrambling round each of its limited releases with glee. Originally conceived as a tribute to the 'sound of Crawley', New Town is a simply devastating collection of electronic tracks for the dancefloor. Following his hugely influential EP Piece of Mind, THE record at Sven Vath's infamous Cocoon nights currently, Claro Intelecto finally returns with two brand new cuts: the dense, punishing electroid mashup of 'Delete', and the Rhodes-infused Drexciyan chill of 'Breathless'. Claro has been cited by many as the finest producer of electroid/house hybrids on the scene at the moment -- a British producer who can at long last rank amongst the most decorated Detroit operators -- typifying precisely why he has been in so much demand over the last few months. FZV, another core artist, displays a relentless IDM construction that spins with the sort of dark strokes that fans of Bola and early Skam will adore -- a mangle of crunch and strings designed to evoke and terrify. Joe Franks, meanwhile, summons the spirit of Mantronix through a series of filters and flangers that digest the squashed drums and appregiated basslines into a factory monster: tough, considered, flawlessly executed electro sizzles of the loveliest kind. SWF's beat engineering comes straight outta Company Flow's rulebook -- deep structures and a blue, crisp crunch of uncompromising beats to draw in a machine-led future on the gargantuan 'True'. With uplifting motor-city house chords shimmering on Andy Freer's 'Super Galaxo', ADJ's mangled machinery evoking EP7-era Autechre brilliance and the Carl Craig/69 vibes assembled on T.R.I.P.'s 'Donald Plays Techno', New Town deploys a heavyweight assault through the ages of electronic music -- past, present and future."