Na Confraria Das Sedutoras


3 Na Massa was founded by Rica Amabis with Pupillo and Sucinto Silva (aka Dengue) in Sao Paulo. Pupillo and Dengue play drums and bass while Rica is the magic cook, the producer of the trio. This is also where the band name stems from, 3 Na Massa -- "three in the dough", slang for something that makes your mouth water in expectation of a special treat. And special it is. The idea of 3 Na Massa came from women. Women talking about their amorous experiences with men -- moments, events that marked their life, whether seduction or desires. The songs are inspired by the sensuality of these stories. They can be happy, entertaining as well as spicy and longing like an erotic adventure in an amusement park. Under the influence of Federico Fellini's films and the work of Serge Gainsbourg of the '60s and '70s, the music could easily be the soundtrack of the illustrated stories of Millo Manara. The debut album release, Na Confraria Das Sedutoras originally released on CD in 2008, is the stories (songs) of 12 different women who collaborated with the trio to create this trip through the large emotional world of women. Lending their voice to the songs are some of Brazil's favorites: Céu, Nina Miranda, Thalma De Freitas, Karine Carvalho, and Alice Braga, among others. Rica Amabis is a producer and sound engineer working in music since 1994. In 1999 he released his first record titled Sambadelic, a fusion of Brazilian music and electronic beats. In 2000 Rica founded the studio/production team Instituto in which he and his team produced and composed music for albums such as Nacão Zumbi, Otto, Z'Africa Brasil, film (The Invador, Seja O que Deus Quiser, Arido Movie, Baixio das Bestas, Cao sem dono), amongst many other special projects. Pupillo and Sucinto Silva (Dengue) are members of the very popular fusion rock band Nacao Zumbi. Pupillo is also a partner of the label Candeeiro which includes artists like DJ Dolores, China, and Mundo Livre. He has played on recordings by Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, and others. After ten years since its release in 2008, this amazing album gets its first version in vinyl. Also features Leandra Leal, Karine Carvalho, Geanine Marques, Cyz, Simone Spoladore, Nina Becker, Pitty, and Lurdez Da Luz.