Sendero Mistico

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Midline pricing. Sonido Gallo Negro (trans. "Black Rooster Sound") is a stunning 9-piece instrumental combo from east Mexico City (Aragon) that channels both the mystique and mysticism of 1960s Peruvian cumbia. The band integrates styles like Amazonian cumbia, huayno, sonidero cumbia, boogaloo and chicha with electric guitars, Farfisa organ, Theremin, flute, and of course, fluid Latin percussion. Spaghetti western soundtracks, psychedelia and surf music also echo in their compositions. Their premiere album Cumbia Salvaje (tran. "Wild Cumbia") was released in Mexico in 2011 and it quickly catapulted them out of Mexico City's heated underground scene and onto major festival and television performances. Albeit a very young group, they were invited in 2012 to the Kustendorf Festival in Serbia, curated by the famed Serbian director Emir Kusturica (Time of the Gypsies). They also performed in Italy and Spain in 2012. Their shimmering second album, Sendero Mistico (out in Mexico in 2013) will be their first-ever international release, and Glitterbeat's first full-fledged release away from the African continent. On the new album, Sonido Gallo Negro follow the ley lines between cumbian sounds and instrumental rhumba, tracing the heritage left by masters such as Jaime Llano, Tulia Enrique Leon and the Hammond-driven sounds of Eduardo Azurite. But for all its glances to the past, this is decidedly contemporary music, also evoking the band's collective love of indie-rock and post-psychedelic moods and textures. The mind-bending ritual of this music can best be understood by witnessing their live show. Clothed in monk robes and backed by spectral video and light projections, on stage Sonido Gallo Negro is a very impressive proposition. Members include: Gabriel López (electric guitar, organ), Enrique Casasola (timbales), Israel Martínez (bass), Edwin Irigoyen (congas), Lucio de los Santos (flute, bongos), Dario Maldonado (second electric guitar), Robert Bañuelos (güiro, claves), Julian Perez (organ, synthesizers, samplers), Dr. Alderete (Theremin, tagtool, artwork).