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A New Sound Of An Old Instrument

KD 133017CD KD 133017CD

2013 restock. Originally released in 1979 by Kopf and reissued in 1999. By the time A New Sound Of An Old Instrument was released, Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin) had made his home in Germany for 5 years, and decided to compose this suite of pieces in honor of "The King Of Instruments," the pipe organ. "The organ has not been called the 'King of Instruments' for nothing, because of all instruments, it has the widest range of possibilities, lending itself to any mood or style. In suffering the organ to emit secular and even profane music, namely dance music, I do not find it out of place, since I am fully aware of the organ's pagan beginnings, the pipes of Pan." Playing upon this notion, Moondog matches several of these organ pieces with shakers and other forms of knocking percussion which lends an organic feel to what is traditionally thought of as a formal, unbendable instrument. On the contrary, Moondog emphasizes the percussive and contrapuntal/staccato tones the organ is capable of producing, rather than drones, although those are also used here to provide a background for what does feel like decidedly vernal, lilting, woodland pipes. He also explains in the liner notes his "logrundrs," a canonical method of counterpoint. A New Sound Of An Old Instrument is a true Moondog oddity, but his mastery of illustrating the neverending nature of patterns in melodic tone and sequence are especially prominent here, focused as it is on one instrument. Organs played by Fritz Storfinger and Wolfgang Schwering. Package includes liner notes written by Louis T. Hardin himself.