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Rare Material

RD 2633272CD RD 2633272CD

2013 restock. Released in 2006, this double CD collection compiles an expansive body of songs from throughout Moondog's vast and eclectic body of work. For almost 50 years, Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin, 1916-1999) impressed and influenced artists such as Benny Goodman, Leonard Bernstein, The Beatles, Charlie Parker, Igor Stravinsky, Frank Zappa, and others. Fascinated by the canon form as well as composing principles of tonality and counterpoint, Moondog's music always existed between the classical and the jazz world without ever belonging to any of them. He has composed over 80 symphonies, numerous chamber works, over 300 madrigals, as well as scores for brass bands, string orchestras, and organ pieces. While most of the material Moondog recorded is documented in great detail, there are also many recordings that, despite their artistic importance, were only available for a very short period of time. Rare Material is a collection of that material and reveals a remarkable musical spectrum. It extends from rather minimalist works of the early '50s, to arrangements for string quartet of the '80s, to opulent orchestrated big-band productions of the '90s. Reissued here on CD for the very first time are four tracks from Bracelli, released on Kakaphone in 1986, and two tracks from Instrumental Music, released on Musical Heritage Society in 1978. This collection comes with a detailed 24-page booklet that includes notes from Moondog about each of the tracks, excerpts from his biographical poetic impressions, and a chronology of his life. This is a lovingly compiled selection of music that provides an expansive, widescreen portrait of one of America's most compelling and unique composers.