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Double LP version. Pinnacles of klezmer and Balkan scenes merge to form single super band; Szikra is a magical collaboration between the Amsterdam Klezmer Band and the Hungarian band, Söndörgő. When playing live the bands merge into a grooving, uplifting supergroup with a totally unique sound. The first concerts were electrifying. Klezmer and Balkan fans are already looking forward to the upcoming tour. "Both bands create and play music with an open mind," says AKB bassist Jasper de Beer. "We're inspired by everything that has common ground with klezmer, Balkan, and gypsy music. Söndörgő has a similar approach, and neither band is limited by tradition. So we have a unique sound." The acquaintance with the Hungarian band was purely a coincidence, Jasper says. "On a summer's day in 2015 I stumbled upon a performance in the Haarlemmerhout. I had never heard of Söndörgő. I had no idea what to expect." It soon dawned on him that he was witnessing something special. "The musicians play on tamburas, Serbian string instruments. They mix tambura with clarinet, kaval, sax, trumpet, accordion, davul, darbuka and occasional singing together. Unbelievable. The band is super tight and they are consummate instrumentalists. You can see and hear that they've been playing together for a long time. They've developed their own style, just like the AKB." The Amsterdam Klezmer Band, which has always been in for new musical adventures, had the idea to work together with Söndörgő. In early 2017 they contacted the Hungarian band, who responded enthusiastically. April 2017 they met in the Netherlands, and got on very well, both musically and personally. Their first musical explorations burst with energy and had an intriguing new sound. Szikra (Hungarian for "spark") was born. Five months later Söndörgő returned to the Netherlands, both bands having prepared new pieces of music. After intensive rehearsals they recorded the studio album Szikra. "It sounds like these two bands have played together for years," says Benjamin of Söndörgő. "When we're together the bands integrate effortlessly, with a unique style and sound," adds Jasper. "The musical chemistry is driving everyone in the band to new creative heights."