A Career in Dancing - Abstraction Years 1979-81
5LP BOX/10"


Highly anticipated box set covering the musical output from 1979 to 1981 by one of the ultimate musical genius and protagonists of British minimal synth and EBM. Multi-talented Luton-based Adrian Smith started his first musical exploration in the field of electronic and experimental music in the mid '70s, self-releasing projects on his Abstractions label, including projects called Underland and Electrodub, the latter of which gained recognition from Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records. During 1979 and 1981, after leading punk-orientated bands with his brother Derek Smith for three years (Those Nervous Surgeons, Nervous Surgeons, Half Nervous), Adrian Smith recorded six tapes, all reissued here for the first time, with almost six hours of atmospheric, powerful minimal synth music from which no listener can escape without experiencing wonderful feelings and emotions. His first two tapes from 1979 (From the Silent Days and Absolutely Safe) were only given to friends (due to a lack of contacts and the absence of what would later become a thriving cassette culture) and therefore remained almost unheard. With the release of A Career in Dancing in the summer of 1980 (a compilation of his early works from those two tapes plus a selection of new material), he increasingly gained appreciation on an international level, winning acclaim from both press and individuals within the developing tape-trader community. Before long people such as Martin Reed of the Mirage label became interested in releasing his works. Members of the press and editors such as Chris Jones of Flowmotion.Mag began reviewing. With the fourth and fifth releases, Look (Mirage, 1980) and The Mental Dance (1981), he managed to get into the Cassette "Obscurist" Charts in Sounds Magazine (run by Paul Platypus, later Paddy Shennan) and finally received attention and recognition. For his sixth tape, Killing Time (1981), Smith started a label called Lung Function, possibly related to the fact that the sound was changing from atmospheric minimal synth to a harsher and rougher sound, which laid the foundation for the typical EBM sound of Click Click, which Smith and his brother started around that time, a sound best experienced on the Behind Dark Glasses tape.