Flashing Disco Sounds


Dortmund, Germany's Ante Perry presents a barrier-breaking compilation mix 2CD based on his legendary and long-running Flashing Disco Sounds parties, as well as an exclusive additional CD showcasing some of his greatest productions to date, including some new and unreleased tunes. This multi-tasking creative force has a reputation for the finest mixture of modern sounds available, and this is translated here over 15 tracks of purest and deepest abandon! Fresh from yet another storming Love Parade weekend in Dortmund, the workaholic DJ/producer/party organizer has made a name for himself over his eight-year career with his long, dramatic and unpredictable DJ sets. Opening with the chiming melodies of Ante Perry and Kolombo's "Reaction," the mix quickly shows off its party intentions, mixing into the addictive hypno-funk of Burnski's "You Said." After some uplifting vocal action courtesy of Stereotyp and Fauna Flash, the rousing swagger of Johnny D's huge "Orbitallife" takes center stage. Later spine-tingling moments include Vincenzo's haunting hit "Fruit Fly," back-to-back with Joris Voorn's deeply nocturnal "Blank." Ante brings the pressure with rolling bass lines and nostalgic melodies a-plenty, as his co-production with Tube & Berger raises the roof. More bouncing, minimal sentiments unravel from herein, and the might of Heiko Laux exposes his raw and edgy dynamics. Ante keeps the intensity with Oliver Klein & Peter Jürgens' "Scoleville," before the warm and spaced-out disco delight of Chymera's "Shadowdancer" finishes the mix in true Flashing Disco Sounds style. The bonus CD celebrates Ante Perry, the producer. Ten unique, un-mixed tracks allow the listener to explore the many different personas that Ante adopts when in the studio, either alone, as a remixer, or alongside production partners Tube & Berger or Babylon Robots. There are four exclusive, new productions made especially for this compilation. Keys cuts include the rolling, house funk of Ante's exclusive track "Jay," the deep house journey that is Ante's remix of Maniax's "Plutonium Boy," and the monstrous insanity of "Affentanz." Ante's key collaborators Tube & Berger and Babylon Robots have also both joined with him in the studio to produce the bombs "Walthervondervogelweide," "Symbiose" and "Mutant Rebellion," respectively. The former are slow-building journey tracks with plenty of funk and stomp, while the latter is a twisted electro-jam revolving around some freaky fx and dark, morphing synth lines. There's also Ante's insatiable remix of Elia Cassetti Orchestra's "Infinito," or the aptly-named "3 A.M." -- total euphoria. Other artists include: Ryo Murakami, Ilario Alicante, Still Going, Prompt, and Namito (feat. Mahan).