How Will You?

DC 368CD DC 368CD

"How Will You? is halls and mirrors of sound and voice, sour and sweet, sense and nonsense, implying and pointing the way, crushing to crescendo before starting again in a different way, in another song. Each successive stroke eventually paints a portrait, but something is missing. There's a space for you there. How Will You? isn't complete until you enter the room. You listening completes the picture. Throughout How Will You? Azita speaks personally, as people do -- seemingly simple, but just as you think you've got her pegged, a lyrical phrase takes off and a lovely melodic twist turns you back into the maze. As the album spins on, you're tangled in her private code, receiving stories in delusively linear fashion. The song is over and you're left with wild beauty, wry humor, florid sounds and the sting of urgently intoned words. You've never heard personal-sounding music like this presented with such persistent opacity. Azita is kind of one of a kind. How Will You? is a collection of songs that range from sun-bright and poppy to deep-focus, torrential. Azita stuck to straight-ahead voicings in her chords to bring heaviness to the sound, working with bassist Matt Lux and drummer John Herndon to arrange her songs with the strength of a rock and roll band throughout the album. The arrangements were augmented with her own guitar playing, as well as Sam Wagster's supernatural pedal steel parts and Emmett Kelly's classic guitar licks. Even in the midst of raging and stomping, the effect, as stated above, is painterly. How Will You? is compelling pop music, approaching in fun, with beats, and then sinking deep and growing within you."