The 100% Pure label presents the new VOLTT mix series, by one of Holland's leading platforms for cutting-edge techno and house music. Volume 1 is mixed by none other than Bart Skils, VOLTT head honcho and one of Holland's most beloved DJs. Amsterdam is on the forefront of contemporary dance music. An ever-growing group of quality producers from the Dutch capital is dominating the international charts with a distinct and cutting-edge sound, combining the best elements of techno, house and minimal. Names like 2000 And One, Joris Voorn, Shinedoe, Kabale Und Liebe, Julien Chaptal, Polder, Anton Pieete and of course, Bart Skils himself represent this new school. The first and foremost platform for Amsterdam's new school generation has been VOLTT. From 1998 until now, it has enriched the scene with quality events, booking the best in forward-thinking techno, minimal and house from abroad -- always keeping a keen eye on developments in the local scene. Now, VOLTT has started this mix series to further broaden its potential as an international platform for Amsterdam's promising new techno generation. The VOLTT Loves Summer Festival remains its largest endeavor to date -- yearly drawing a dedicated crowd of 7,000 and counting -- driven by resident and promoter Bart Skils himself. As a local hero in the late-'90s, he started the VOLTT nights at Amsterdam's legendary Mazzo venue. Building his reputation record by record, set by set and night by night, Bart has gained nationwide popularity as an ambassador for quality sounds. For this mix, Bart has selected a solid collection of tracks that not only represent his DJ sets at VOLTT, but also the distinct and catchy sound of Holland's new school generation. As can be expected of one of the nation's most solid jocks, these 16 tracks are forged into one big chunk of techno mayhem that will keep you on your tippy toes from beginning to end. Artists include: David Labeij, Lauhaus, Simon Baker, Julien Chaptal, Salavatore Freda & Volta, DJ Madskillz, Spencer Parker, Nick Curly, Anton Pieete, Size, Carlo Lio, District One, Joris Voorn, Alex Celler, Pitto, Jug, and Mark Henning.