Wisdom of Changes - Richard Wilhelm and the I CHING

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Confucius, Laotse and in particular the I Ching, The Book of Changes: Richard Wilhelm (1873-1930) is regarded as the European who discovered China's spiritual world. Wisdom of Changes is a documentary film about the life and work of this most distinguished translator and mediator. Richard Wilhelm came to China as a young missionary in 1899, a time when the country was under the exploitation of the colonial powers. He lived through revolts against foreigners, the passing of the imperial dynasties, and the First World War. During these times of turbulent upheaval, he never ceased his quest for the deepest truths that may help mankind to cope with change and to shape their own lives. Richard Wilhelm did not baptize a single Chinese person. Instead, he accomplished some of the most significant translations of the 20th century that made available to the West Confucius, Laotse and other classical texts of Daoism and most importantly, the I Ching, The Book of Changes, the book that above all has served as an inspiration to so many Western readers. Wilhelm remains one of the most distinguished mediators of Chinese culture in the West today. Like C.G. Jung, with whom he was friends in the 1920s, Richard Wilhelm went in search of the universal wisdoms of mankind, those that resist the changes of history. Runtime: 87 min. Format: 16:9; NTSC; Sound: 5.1; Languages: English Version (Voice of R. Wilhelm: Jonathan Pryce). Subtitles: Chinese, French, English for the hearing impaired. Extras: statements by Prof. Richard Smith and Dr. Henrik Jäger.