1-2 Weeks
Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle

DC 385CD DC 385CD

"Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle is the new Bill Callahan record. And at the risk of being redundant, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle is about as beautiful an album as you can expect to hear sung circa 2009. True, it's early yet... but wait 'til you hear this record. Unfolding like a first view of paradise, then a slightly less ecstatic second view of paradise and then finally a glance back over your shoulder at that stupid paradise bullshit, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle surveys a landscape that grows organically, like the time two people spend together -- or the time one person spends alone (with another). One way or another, it's awfully pretty -- something's clearly making Bill feel like a natural man. And high in the saddle, with a pouch of Big League Chew and nine sweet new tunes in tow, he's riding herd over a diverse bunch of sounds by top-notch players. Sure, there's guitar, keyboards and drums, just like there's always been -- but arranger Brian Beattie brought some old friends back into the picture: violins and French horns. It's been awhile since Bill's gone out dressed up in strings and brass, but they still look good on him -- better than ever, in fact! Plus, recording in the big state of Texas has given Bill Callahan a panoramic sound-screen, filled with verdant and sparkling sounds, all of which allow him access to the depths of expression, allowing a gentle and stirring view of that which we call 'soul'. Singing as personal as ever while still spinning wild yarns and melodic guitar fictions, Bill Callahan's on an idyll we hope won't ever end. We can't grant his wish -- but we sure can love Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle."