Broken Harp

POL 12001EP POL 12001EP

"As opening statements go, the maiden 12" from Nottingham/Bristol's Pollen imprint is an emphatic one. Label boss EFA has set his out stall with what might well be the ultimate dubstep anti-anthem: the dazzling 'Broken Harp' from hot new Berkane Sol & Applepips signings Brackles & Shortstuff. 'Broken Harp''s power lies in its spiraling combination of ethereal harps, cascading drums and stomping 808s that form a unique and mesmerizing force, harming and healing in one breath. Melodies drift in and out of a sparkling mix, driven all the while by the inescapable rhythm of the bass as gritty drums keep the heads nodding. First championed by Skull Disco's Appleblim, the track's popularity has grown into an underground fan-base of 'heads wot know,' thanks to extensive support from DJs such as Appleblim, Distance, Clouds & Ramadanman. This popularity is set to grow with a full vinyl release, not least as it comes backed up with a remix from man of the moment: Kamal 'Geiom' Joory. Taking his odd little mitts to the harps for a remix that has done damage at both FWD and DMZ, the one Mr. Geiom mangles the original drums and portions of the harp into a dancefloor curdler that owes a part of its sound to early Plaid. Complete with demented synthetic melodies and an infectious bassline that builds to a shuddering second drop, this Geiomix is a world apart from the original on the A-side. The standard against which other remixes -- and indeed record labels -- are to be compared has been set."