1-2 Weeks
Big Fun In The Big Town


"If you think the title of this DVD sounds like a struggling foreigner's attempt to describe his trip to New York City during the formative years of a cultural revolution, you would be pretty much spot on in your assessment. Filmed in New York City in 1986, Big Fun in the Big Town chronicles the emerging cultural movement called 'hip-hop', through the lens of an upstart Dutch filmmaker named Bram Van Splunteren. Armed with nothing more than a camera crew and vague understanding of the English language, Van Splunteren's fearless excursion into the world of American hip hop led him to the gritty landscapes of Harlem, South Bronx, and the Lower East Side during the peak years of the 1980s crack epidemic. As many would come to learn, this backdrop proved to be the incubator to what became a breeding ground for hip hop pioneers. Van Splunteren happened to be in the right place at the right time. Putting his own personal safety at risk, Van Splunteren's travelled to remote locations in neighborhoods where no foreigners or outsiders were normally allowed. There he managed to capture the essence of that time and place, while also managing to attain interviews and footage with rap heavyweights and emerging artists many now refer to as legends. The amazing scenes contained herein will blow the minds of any self respecting fan of rap music; a 17 year old LL Cool J greeting Van Splunteren from the door step of his grandmother's apartment (where he still lived), the Mystery Crew out of Chicago who happened to be trying to snag a meeting with Russell Simmons outside the small first offices of Def Jam on the same day Van Splunteren happened to be interviewing him, DMC freestyling to and unreleased beat on the cassette deck of his brand new and first Cadillac, a still skinny Biz Markie beatboxing for Roxanne Shante on stage -- Van Splunteren managed to capture so many incredible moments in hip hop history and really encapsulated the era perfectly." NTSC, all-region format.