Jelly Roll Gospel

DC 374LP DC 374LP

"Brother JT3 is back -- get ready to shake! Shake! Shake! Ever since the 'acid bubble-punk' days of The Original Sins, JT has been a leader in the field of guitar-rock that's good for the soul. Jelly Roll Gospel is the latest jam in the line of house-party blues discs that Brother JT has released on Drag City over the past few years: the thick guitar jams of Way To Go, the acoustic-flavored Spirituals and the roots-rock Hang In There Baby are but a prelude to this latest. The constant for Brother JT3 over the years is a desire to lift you the listener up; to share reflections from a secret life that, for some, constitutes religion (we prefer the term 'spirituality' -- but we're not here to judge -- not!) and to deliver the message in rhythmic but exotic rock n' roll that has the basic necessities to move us -- spiritually, of course, but more to the point -- physically, dancefloor style. Jelly Roll Gospel is no exception to the rule. From the first groove of this long-player, the rhythms are live and relentless, making JT's new soul anthems burst energetically from the speakers in full-spectrum stereo sound. Comprised of bassist Art DiFuria (Photon Band), drummer Jamie Knerr (Psyclone Rangers), and JT, the Brother JT3 deliver their trademark blues-and-roll whomp, shaking everything in sight to keep the beat going -- while weaving in unexpected touches, such as a dub reggae bounce, at several mind-blowing moments. The songs are all finished pieces from the darkly whimsical mind of Brother JT. Whether reacting to the buoyancy of '70s Afro-pop ('Lift You Up'), imagining self-penned songs played on the radio if he were the last man on Earth ('Ribbon Driver'), or examining the darkness and light within and without him ('Bad Vibrations,' 'Do Ya Good,' 'Everything's Alive'), Brother JT's music is delivered with trademark high-spirits and otherworldly flashes of color. In an effort to keep it live and loose, Jelly Roll Gospel was recorded 'at home,' (at Dan's House Studio and JT's 'living room' set-up in Bethlehem, PA), where spontaneous and relaxed vibes prevailed (and the moonshine didn't hurt, either). They're prevailing still -- just drop the needle and you'll see."