3-4 Weeks

JL 3786602CD JL 3786602CD

2014 release. When Bugge Wesseltoft and Henrik Schwarz produced their collaboration Duo in 2011, it was clear that their synergy was both unique within, and revitalizing to, the whole genre of electroacoustic beat-based improvisation. Now the duo becomes a trio, and the dialogue becomes a Trialogue. Bassist Dan Berglund (e.s.t., Tonbruket) brings additional dimensions and a whole new range of improvisational possibilities, musical conversational topics, and layers of sound, giving this project a different drive yet retaining the spirit of the Duo project. The musicians' will to surprise -- not just the audience, but also themselves -- dominates proceedings. Moments of quasi-ambient atmosphere sit alongside driving, energetic swathes of blues-inflected jamming from the future while near-metallic, semi-sinister meteor storms of sound rest easily beside moments of classic jazz noire, in addition to a marked assimilation of classical chamber sensibilities. Pokerfaced humor laces intricately woven improvisations, and the harmonic interplay guides the listener into passages of sumptuous soloing from Wesseltoft and Berglund. Minimalist structures are recrafted, working in hints of folk, spaciousness, and baroque inflections. A certain smoky jazz ambience pervades the whole, punctuated by moments when it feels like aliens have attempted to reconstruct jazz with just a few strands of musical DNA. Passages of the music are saturated with a fragile tension, bowed bass, lingering piano phrases, and endless static chatter. Sparse introductions melt effortlessly into tangible chord structures underpinned by gentle but insistent beats. Where other musicians have engaged in similar stylistic juxtapositions, Wesseltoft, Schwarz, and Berglund set themselves apart by managing the near-impossible feat of crafting a perfectly coherent aesthetic -- a complete musical language of their own. Bugge Wesseltoft: grand piano, Rhodes, synthesizers, percussion; Henrik Schwarz: computer, small percussion; Dan Berglund: double bass.