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Noir Jungle - Part II


Noir Jungle - Part II finds the Italian producers Cardace & Perazzini once again demonstrating original and exciting modes of expression, not to mention the extraordinary level of detail in their music. It rounds the Noir Jungle project off with yet more unpredictable diversions of their immersive sound design to paint a vivid and unique landscape at its most dynamic framework. "Swinging Plans" places the drums at the forefront of the mix, using incredible layers of brushed, rolling, and expressive live recordings to create a truly thrilling experience that speak to the deepest human instinct for rhythmic sound. "Internal N.5" intensifies the techno-influenced energy as it races ahead on a tightly wound rhythm, adding a rich array of sounds into the mix to create a focused and detailed trip, loaded with cinematic tension. "George Is There" runs rich chords through delay and reverb while maintaining a pronounced house groove with perfect and subtle touches of jazz; an invigorating sonic experience aimed at both the mind and the dancefloor. "Below The Earth" is a perfect example of Cardace & Perazzini's exercise of restraint, keeping the mood simmering while still displaying their love for ear-snagging samples in between the folds of the track. "Really Low Mind" sets a thrilling tone straight away with a rolling drum beat taking the lead and subtle tonal sweeps filling in the space around. It's a testament of skills when sequencing drums, not least when it peaks after a tantalizing breakdown. "Night Train" sits easy on the ears but there is a deep level of production at work that reveals itself as the heavily processed samples of instrumentation starts to unfurl halfway through the track. The head-spinning construction of "Sangi" places the emphasis on the low-end frequencies and works subtle threads of synth and sound effects around an exciting and hypnotic techno pulse. Noir Jungle is an ambitious project created by Cardace & Perazzini that works perfectly as a vehicle to introduce their very personal sound. It's a significant addition to the Dissonant catalog, continuing the label's commitment to forward-thinking electronic music.