"We are, all of us, in the midst of a great change, both of our world, and the way we dwell within it. As with the seasons, it is gradual, but little by little becomes part of the presence that encompasses our existence. The dubstep sound is as much in a state of change. Of this evolution, the forms are many, and quite expressive, but none of these many voices and styles are quite like Clubroot. A St. Alban's Resident (just to the north of London), the one known as Clubroot cut his teeth in the early part of the decade with material baring a likeness to the futurist ideals of drum and bass producers of the time, like Optical, Ed Rush, and the like. Once the sound of dubstep developed into its own entity, the canvas, and its freedom from rhythmic clutter, acted as the catalyst for our artist, the moment when one realizes what is upon them, and therefore is almost instinctually galvanized into action. As these forms commingled out of the mind and into the realized sound, along with thematic and emotional references as profound in scope as many of Vangelis or Morricone's pieces, the music conjured up became far more than just sound, and took on the presence of epic, massive landscapes, ones which have a comprehension of beauty and heartfelt emotion that are rarely seen at this level of grandeur in garage, much less electronic music in general. Of these, the ten track full length presented here acts as a map of this parallel universe. One sees the edge of one landscape to the other as one looks over a used map of their travels. The feeling one experiences from zone to zone is always distinct, always unique, but somehow part of a whole set of senses all their own. Much as one who leaves their home country for a journey, and the anticipation, excitement, and discovery related to the foreign nature of things, and its seemingly otherworldly presence, and thus how such an experience invariably creates memories and emotional responses they will remember forever. This sentiment spreads each time the album is heard. Mary Anne Hobbs was quick to commission a mix for her world renowned Radio 1 show, unveiling alternate versions of many of the tracks on this recording in a showcase right between two seasoned artists cut from a similar cloth, Boxcutter & Jega, and DJ/Rupture will include Clubroot on his Global Steps mix compilation. Meanwhile, word spreading like a looming thunderstorm across the forums and blogs has generated huge anticipation among forward thinking bass music fans, clamoring for the release of this view into the future. LoDubs presents Clubroot. Our vision of the future."