Godington Boundry

PR 160CD PR 160CD

Recent reissue of Davy Graham's sole President album, originally recorded in 1970, digitally remastered from the original analogue tapes. "With his unorthodox playing style, Davy Graham exploded onto the 1960s folk scene to become one of the UK's most influential guitarists. Drawing upon diverse folk, jazz and blues influences Davy flew in the face of what was then deemed commercial, recording a string of critically-acclaimed albums that reflected his exotic tastes. Revered by his peers as much for his guitar prowess and for his musical integrity, he is widely credited as the founder of 'baroque folk' and broke new ground when he introduced elements of what might now be termed 'world music' into his work. This release marks a welcome return to CD for Godington Boundry. In keeping with those he made for Decca, it's an unashamedly esoteric blend of the influences dear to his heart. As well as takes on jazz standards such as 'Round Midnight' and the perennial 'Worksong,' then-contemporary covers of the Beatles' 'Mother Nature's Son' and the Incredible String Band's 'Everything's Fine Right Now' also featured. Tabla player Kesh Sathe contributes his mastery to 'Afta,' one of the original compositions to debut on this album and Holly Gwyn lends her stunning vocals to 'On Green Dolphin Street' and the rousing 'A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.' It would be some years before Davy ventured into a studio again; Godington Boundry draws a decade of pioneering recordings to a close in suitably eclectic style. Enjoying cult status amongst a new generation of fans, Davy Graham's mystique endures and he remains one of the UK's foremost guitar greats."